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The word "Bingri" is dismantled from the word "普" which means that in the face of the ever-changing science and technology, we walk side by side with the world in a humble manner and strive for excellence and innovation day and night.

And Japan Electronic Technology Headquarters is located in China-Shenzhen and was established in 2002.
Mainly based on MLCC capacitor test packaging and sales, we have obtained customer's attention and obtained a number of international certifications. We have successively cooperated with the world's major material companies and established the winding inductance department. We continue to import high-end winding equipment and carry out development and production, including sticking. Common-mode winding inductors, SMD ferrite winding inductors and SMD ceramic high-frequency winding inductors.


The company set up a branch factory in Taoyuan-Pingzhen (Hejin Industrial Co., Ltd.), using the USB2.0-2012 (0805) common-mode inductor as the spindle.


The company passed ISO 9001.


The company passes TS16949.


  • The company successfully developed HDMI-2012 (0805) 10GHZ, balun filter 2012 (0805), high-current common-mode inductors 3225 (1210) and 4532 (1812) for automotive customers to receive customer support and positive feedback.


  • The company actively invested in new network transformers (Lan Transformers) 3216 (1206)/3532/4532 (1812) and automotive Ethernet 3225 (1210)/4532 (1812) in response to customer demand in the automotive market and connectors.


  • The company relocated the plant to Taichung Industrial Zone and comprehensively upgraded and imported high-end equipment.


  • The company became the general agent of the Chinese region of MAX ECHO (5228).
  • IATF16949 Coaching Certification.








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