Automotive-grade indutor

Automotive Inductor Ethernet, Can-Bus, FlexRay (CMC4532/3225F-Lseries) In addition, CMC4532/3225F-Lseries (CMC4532/3225F-Lseries) has common-mode inductors for automobiles, and it has improved on-board controllers, regional network Can-Bus solutions and is widely used in car networking.

The CMC4532/3225F-Lseries is a family of automotive common mode inductors designed for automotive networking applications such as Ethernet, FlexRay and Can-Bus. Of course, Ethernet is already a network protocol for computer peripherals, communication devices, and multimedia.

As is well known, the higher the attenuation value of the noise, the better the performance of its common-mode inductance. In conjunction with the latest winding technology, it uses the high-demand ferrite core to achieve the most effective noise suppression design. It has high common mode impedance in the noise band and low differential mode impedance in the signal band. A low differential mode impedance with a high coupling coefficient allows almost no distortion of high-speed signals. Automotive Common Mode Inductors (CMC4532/3225F-Lseries) have an ultra-thin thickness of 2.8mm to reduce size and cost; five inductance values ​​are convenient for selection; low impedance coils and tight tolerances can be custom designed upon request . Compatible with the required operating temperature of the car -40°C to +125°C.

It can be customized on request, or it can produce inductors that exceed the existing specifications. Compatible with TDK, Murata, Taiyo and Vishay common mode inductors. The product complies with RoHS, lead-free soldering technology and 100% lead-free, fully meeting customer and environmental protection. Contact our business department for more detailed information.

Photo Series

L×W×T (mm)

 Category Impedance


 Rated Current

Specification RoHS&REACH Declarations
/ ICP Report



Can-Bus FlesRay 550 ~ 5100 11 ~ 100 150 ~ 300





Ethernet ________ 200 70
CMC4532AC-Series 4.5*3.2*2.8
Can-Bus FlesRay 600 ~ 5800 11 ~ 100 150 ~ 250



Ethernet ________ 200 100


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