SMD Power Line Common Mode Filters Named ACM Series also CompatibleAutomotive GradeSize Range From 4mm to 13mm Main Applications:View Camera/Infotainment/Safty/Body/Power train/BMS/ Inverter 
◆Low-profile designs and the adoption of dedicated cores have achieved compact sizes, making these products optimal for surface mounting.
◆Designed for use up to 8A in an environment of 125°C.
◆The operating temperature covers a wide range from -40°C to +125°C.

Photo Series


 Category Impedance

( nH / uH )

 Rated Current


被動元件繞線電感陶瓷製程 ACM4520M-Series


SMD Power Line Common Mode Choke 60~1400 ------------ 1.2~2.0
被動元件繞線電感陶瓷製程 ACM7060M-Series


SMD Power Line Common Mode Choke 225~1300 ------------ 2.5~5
被動元件繞線電感陶瓷製程 ACM9070M-Series


SMD Power Line Common Mode Choke 225~2700 ------------ 2.0~6.0
被動元件繞線電感陶瓷製程 ACM1211M-Series


SMD Power Line Common Mode Choke 80~2700 ------------ 1.5~10
被動元件繞線電感陶瓷製程 ACM1513M-Series



SMD Power Line Common Mode Choke 550~600 ------------ 9.5~11


New Type Lan Transformer

Recommended combinations of products in the LTF series and common mode filters

In the context of the IoT market, higher transmission speeds (1Gbps to 10Gbps) are becoming required for wired communication even as the spread of wireless communication using 5th-generation mobile communication systems (5G) continues. In security cameras and other such devices, the use of power supply systems which consolidate power lines in Ethernet cables is becoming more widespread, and the demand for pulse transformers compatible with these systems is growing accordingly. Trends are also being seen toward mounting multiple pulse transformers on a single circuit board, which will generate demand for smaller sizes.
The products in the LTF pulse transformer series have structural designs unique to BING-RI, and the SMD types are compatible with automatic mounting.
Our product lineup includes discrete-type products of pulse transformers and common mode chokes mounted on LAN interfaces, with expanded flexibility in part layouts compared to conventional integrated module types (such as measures to save space by mounting on both the front and rear faces of circuit boards).
Furthermore, by conforming to the automatic winding method, these products ensure higher quality and reliability than those of toroidal coil products, whose wire processing is difficult during the manufacturing process, and they are optimal pulse transformers for information equipment, whose communication quality is becoming more important.
These are the S-parameters for combinations of pulse transformers and common mode chokes recommended by BING-RI in response to individual Ethernet standards.

Photo Series


 Category Cp(pF)

( nH / uH )

 Rated Current


被動元件共模電感 CMC3216-L600 3.2*1.6*1.8
(1206 )
SMD Lan Type ------------ 60 100


Lan Transformer 25 360 ------------


Lan Transformer 25 350 ------------









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